Cosmopterigidae - Uncovering Gondwana

The Cosmopterigidae, or Cosmet Moths, are members of the Superfamily Gelechioidea, and have a worldwide distribution. The family is basal to the Gelechiidae in what is phylogenetically known as the Gelechiid assemblage. These tiny to small 'micro moths' (wingspan 4 to 26 mm) are diverse, with 1650 species in more than 100 genera. Their wings range from slender and lancelike to somewhat broader. Four subfamilies are recognised — the Chrysopeleinae is basal, Antequerinae the next diverging followed by the Cosmopteriginae. Larval feeding habits are diverse; most are internal feeders: leaf miners, or bud, stem, bark, or root borers. There are three to four subfamilies. One-to-one mutualistic pollinator-plant relationships have been identified in some members of the ancient Cycadales making the latter the most threatened plant order according to the IUCN.

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