Depressariidae - Uncovering Gondwana

The Depressariidae are one of the families with the superfamily Gelechioidea. Recently redefined, its taxonomic position still remains somewhat uncertain and resolution will depend upon more comprehensive sampling, particularly in the Southern Hemisphere. It has variously been included as a subfamily of the Gelechiidae, Elachistidae or Oecophoridae but most recently as a family in its own right.

Most larvae almost without exception feed on live plant tissue. Numerous insect groups include a great amount of unknown species, and many of them lack present-day taxonomic experts. One such group is the Australian Hypertrophinae (Gelechioidea: Depressariidae) with 51 described and tens of undescribed species. Very little is known about these endemic moths, mainly due to their insufficient taxonomy. To be able to gather knowledge on hypertrophines, their species boundaries need to be defined, phylogenetic relationships studied, and newly discovered species described. However, their small size, somewhat cryptic wing patterns, and the lack of present-day experts pose a considerable challenge.

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