Pyralidae - Uncovering Gondwana

The Pyralidae with 5,921 described species in 1056 genera is often referred to as 'snout moths'. Five subfamilies are recognised. Galleriinae and Chrysauginae are closely related and considered the most basal. Australian genera are considered basalmost within this isolated lineage. It is further speculated that Australian genera may be the most basal of the entire family.

Reference: Regier, J.C., Mitter, C., Solis, M.A., Hayden, J.E., Landry, B., Nuss, M., Simonsen, T.J., Yen, S-H., Zwick, A. and Cummings, M.P. (2012). A molecular phylogeny for the pyramid moths (Lepidoptera: Pyraloidea) and its implications for higher-level classification. Systematic Entomology 37, 635-656.

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